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Fjord Management are proud to support some of the UK's leading energy companies in providing first-class finance and HR talent. We take into account industry challanges and support your strategic needs.

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The nuclear industry is a global enterprise, and comprises many diverse participants from individuals to companies, industry associations to United Nations and other inter-governmental bodies, and also appointed bodies responsible to national governments.Central to the generation of nuclear power are the companies and government corporations or utilities set up to actually generate the electricity. These are usually also responsible for building the nuclear power plants, and draw upon reactor technology and other vendor companies as well as a wide range of contractors. 

Nuclear plants need a lot of investment to build, and the financial services sector has a vital role in providing finance for capital works. Related to this are insurance of plants and third party liability insurance, without which plants cannot operate (source: http://www.world-nuclear.org/nuclear-basics/the-nuclear-industry.aspx)

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