Five Questions With.....Darren Crickshank

Clients, oil and gas, finance...


In today's Vlog, I start the first of our "Five Questions With" series where I will interview a variety of experts every month on a range of topics that I hope will be helpful to people recruiting or looking for a new job.

In our first edition, I am delighted to introduce Darren Cruickshank. Darren is a CFO who has worked internationally throughout his career, and is currently based in Norway. He has extensive oil and gas services and renewables sector experience and has focussed on investments and finance operations. He kindly agreed to take the plunge with me and take part in my first interview - thank you, Darren! 

In this Vlog, we discuss Darren's top tips for managing multi-cultural teams, he shares the best career advice he was given, and strategies for people looking for a new job in this market.

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