Fjord RPO

What is RPO?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) means having someone else take responsibility for finding and recruiting the talent you need to achieve your business goals. If you think that this sounds risky, then that's totally understandable, but in fact, RPO is specifically designed to reduce risk.

Consider this; academic research (1) shows that compared with other forms of evaluating candidates, structured interviews with one person interviewing and one person observing yield the highest level of validity and reliability. Yet most organisations lack the expertise to properly structure and conduct interviews. Or consider that a lack of "fit" is often cited (2) as the reason for an unsuccessful appointment. But what does fit mean and how do you assess it? What is the predictive ability of personality tests? How well does your recruitment agency spend getting to know you and the way that you work? How do you really get to know what a candidate is like? As a Fjord RPO client, you'll get answers to these questions. Answers backed up by research and data. You'll also get a dedicated skilled professional who will participate fully in your talent agenda. 

In serving several clients, Fjord is able to spread the cost of running a technologically adept, highly skilled recruitment team across a greater volume of activity than your business alone might typically require. The concept is that you get a highly skilled team for less cost than you might otherwise incur.   1., 2. If you are interested to learn more about the research, please get in touch.

Fjord RPO Service

Our service will be delivered to you by a dedicated Fjord professional, supported by the entire Fjord team. The objective of the Fjord professional (FP) is to get to know you, your company and your business as well as you do yourselves. Your FP will aim to be onsite at least twice a month, ideally for one day each week. They will support you in every step of the hiring process, from preparing the job description, through to supporting successful onboarding. Fjord makes maximum use of technology, from our applicant tracking system, our integration of a wide range of personality testing, to recording all of our communications with candidates. This technology allows us to accumulate a large amount of data (all assured to be GDPR compliant) which we use to continually improve our process. For example, if after six months in a role we find that a candidate performed particularly well or poorly relative to expectations, we are able to review the interviews and look for evidence that we might have missed. If we don't find the evidence then we ask ourselves what could we have asked that would have made the difference to our understanding of this candidate.

Fjord Professional Team

Each Fjord Professional has a minimum of 15 years of recruitment experience. Our front line professionals are supported by a team that includes researchers, human resource specialists, RPO implementation managers, information technology specialists, data scientists, and academics.

Fjord Client Interface

Your primary point of contact will be through the face to face connection with your FP. In addition, your team will have access to a dedicated website that allows them to easily set interview time slots, monitor progress against open positions, review candidate interviews, and measure response rates. The website will be continuously developed based on your feedback. It is designed to make the recruitment process as easy as possible.


Fjord Candidate Interface

In our interaction with candidates, we remember that we are representing our brand and yours. We take the time to get to know the people who want to work for your company and make sure that they are a character or personality fit as well as a skill and experience match. 

Shortlisted candidates are able to access an individually dedicated page on our website. This page allows them to see the steps in the process, including those completed and those upcoming, read additional information about the company and the sector and sign non-disclosure agreements. The page also provides links for candidates to complete personality tests, provide reference information and proof of right to work in the relevant jurisdiction. Candidates can select interview times and provide feedback by instant message, email or by requesting a call back. 

All candidates that are in a recruitment process receive an update call at least once a week (typically on Feedback Friday, unless otherwise appropriate).


Fjord Pricing Structure

Our fully dedicated RPO service is available for an annual fee of £36,000 plus 8% of the annual salary for each person recruited. For example, a company that recruits 10 people a year with an average salary of £50,000 will pay a total fee of £76,000.

This fee structure is optimised for our typical client, a company with between 50 - 250 employees. An organisation in this size range will have recruitment activity of between 5 - 20 people a year. This volume is typically too small to warrant a full-time dedicated resource and too small to attract attention from the high volume recruitment agencies. The irony though is that hiring in companies of this size has a far greater impact on business success than hiring in larger organizations.

Fjord KPI Reporting

We provide detailed information on the performance that we deliver. The screenshot below shows the high-level performance information. Our priority is on finding the right people for your business. We believe that the most reliable long term measure of this is that the individual performs well in role throughout the first 12 months of employment. That said, we also recognize that time to hire is often of paramount importance to our clients so we measure this as well. We track each of these measures both in the current calendar year and over the life of our working relationship with you. We also track the cost of our service, again over the current year and the life of the contract, and provide you with a cost as a percentage of the first-year salary. We track applications per position and work with you to suggest ways to increase employment brand awareness.



"Upstart Power is a newly established business with a very promising future. To achieve our potential we need to grow our team with people who fit our culture, share our vision and are available at just the right time. We chose to partner with Fjord Management to get this done and are delighted that we did. Fjord took the time to get to know us, to meet our team and to understand our culture. Today, they take care of everything, helping us with the job specifications, making sure our interviews are properly structured, guiding us to select the perfect candidate, and getting the onboarding right. Our potential employees experience the same high quality professional, thoughtful and capable approach as if they were working with a larger more established business and we get the talent we want. Most importantly, I feel that Fjord care as much about our success as I do." Paul Osenar, President and CEO at Upstart Power, Inc.

To find out more, please call us on 01753 913100 or email us at hello@fjordmanagement.com