Leadership Development

Fjord is working in partnership with KLB-Evolve to deliver leadership development solutions to our clients, globally. ​

KLB-Evolve Ltd was founded with passion and a clear vision, “to support and develop people in the achievement of their greatest potential and to support organisations be a great place to work, with highly engaged and successful people and teams”.

Our whole leadership and organisational development ethos is to work in partnership with you to define, articulate and execute your strategy, with a clear purpose and authentic leadership. We want you to realise and leverage your internal compass that guides you through life. 

Our coaching style is strength-based. We focus on individuals discovering who they are at their core, and how they can lead from the inside-out with resilience, and most importantly, happiness.

Typically, our clients are C-suite Executives and their teams, who require development in articulating a compelling and shared vision and strategy; inspiring collaboration, leading with a clear purpose and extensive self-awareness to not only play to their own strengths but to leverage and unlock the full potential in others. 

Some example clients include Khartoum Oil Refinery, Johnson Matthey, One Point Three Leadership, BP, Paris HEC University, Gilead Pharmaceuticals, Lancaster University, Sparks Children Medical Research Charity and CCED Oman Oil.

Like all interactions with Fjord, we like to keep things simple, especially when it comes to cost. We will work with you to find a solution based on your budget and the number of days needed in advance.

To find out more, please contact us on 01753 913100 or email us at hello@fjordmanagement.com. 

Here is a testimonial from a recent, happy client:

“In the middle of 2019, it became apparent there was a serious breakdown of communication and trust between the leadership and staff in a key department within the organisation. KLB-Evolve was brought in to understand the culture, team dynamics and mindsets that had caused this breakdown and make recommendations for change that could restore an effective working culture within the department. KLB’s behaviours were such that they were quickly able to build trust with individuals within the department and through that trust have honest conversations about the causes of the breakdown. Once these causes were identified they were able to work with staff to gain ownership of a roadmap to developing a high performing team with clear guiding values that resonated with the team and enabled the relationship with the leadership to be rebuilt. I was hugely impressed by KLB’s capability to empathise with the team, get to the root cause of relationship issues very quickly and be able to engage the team in the changes needed for them to perform effectively. Their involvement was fundamental in resolving this critical issue effectively.